Coronavirus Update

Update for March 26 – April 1
God is continuing to work in mighty ways even in these difficult days. People are more aware of the mortality now than in recent history. This week alone, we have seen 3 people (all non-members of our church) come to know Jesus as their personal Savior! Also this week, our church has ministered to over 60 families in our community who were in dire need. That’s what real ministry looks like!
Thank you for your continued faithfulness in giving to our church! Your faithfulness has made all the aforementioned ministry possible. Please continue to give as your are able to do so. You can give here on this website by clicking the green button under the online giving tab, or you can mail your gifts to the church office at PO Box 159, Locust, NC 28097, or you can (for now) drop off your gifts at the church office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.
Lastly, we are planning to live stream a service this Sunday (March 29th) at 10am. You can watch it here on our web page or on our church’s Facebook page. After it’s been recorded, you can check it out on Youtube.
Due to the exceptional situation we find ourselves in, this will be our temporary schedule until things can return to normal and some suggestions to help through this unique situation.
1) All regularly scheduled activities and services at the church are suspended. This includes are regularly scheduled Connect Groups (aka “Sunday School”), regularly scheduled worship services, regularly scheduled music rehearsals, regularly scheduled youth and children’s activities, and our regularly scheduled Wednesday night Bible study.
2) Our Governor has signed an Executive order prohibiting mass gathers of 50 or more people. This number may be lowered to 10 or more at any time. So, we are asking each Connect Group (aka Sunday School Classes) to schedule a time to meet together for worship and Bible study. Smaller groups are encouraged to meet in member’s homes while larger groups are invited to use the church facilities for their meeting. All Connect Group Meetings On Church Grounds Must Be Scheduled Through The Church Office. This is insure that we are abiding by the Governor’s order to not have more than 50 people present at once.
3) Each Sunday, a new Pre-Recorded “Worship Service” will be released to our Church’s Facebook page, our Church Web site, and to Youtube. Tommy and Nancy will pre-record this service each week. Connect Groups, Families, and Individuals are encouraged to log onto one of these sites and worship along with the video.
4) Giving Options – The ministries at the church are continuing each week. It is vital that you remain faithful in your giving, as you are able to do so. There are 3 options from which you can choose. a) You can use the online giving option found on the Homepage of this website. b) You can mail your gifts to the church office at PO Box 159, Locust, NC 28097. c) You are free to drop your gifts off at the church during regular church office hours which are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am-4pm. If you are giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, please make sure you write “Easter” on the envelope of gifts that are mailed or dropped off at the church office.
5) Some of our church families will be financially impacted by this virus. We certainly expect each family to take the financial needs of their families first and foremost. If you HAVE NOT been financially impacted by this unique situation, please pray about giving a little extra toward the church’s General Fund to help make up for those who cannot give at this time.
6) Some of our church members do not access to the internet. Please consider reaching out to them and see if they would feel comfortable joining in with your Connect Group meeting. OR Reach out to them to see if they would feel comfortable with you bringing your device that has an internet connection to their home so that they can watch the worship service with you.
7) This is an unprecedented time in our nation right now. Be assured, things will return to normal at some point. Until then, use this opportunity to connect with your lost friends, family neighbors, and co-workers. They are watching the same news broadcasts as your are, and they are just as nervous as anyone else. Please consider inviting them into your home to watch the recorded worship service with you and your family. Who knows, God may do a marvelous work in their life and they come to know Jesus!
8) Lastly, let’s take care of our most vulnerable at this time. Please regularly check-in with our senior adults, our shut-ins, and our sick. If they should need supplies or financial assistance, please reach out to your Connect Group leader or to our Church Staff so that we can minister to that need.
Continue to check back for future updates.