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Welcome to FBCL Student Ministry!
Why we do what we do:ðŸĪ”ðŸ˜ē😇✝
Reflect | Refine | Revere


“We are striving to engage students to reflect Christ in all the we do, to be Refined by God’s Word and Spirit, so they can live a life glorifying God
2021 Vision:
“To reach the Next Generation to Christ, by Believing in Christ, so they can live for Christ.”
Here is what we are up to:🍕✝🙌😎😂ðŸĪŠ

Bible Study Opportunities: IN PERSON 👏👏

Sunday Connect @ 945AM
Sunday Worship @ 11AM 
Sunday Nights @ 6-7 PM
Wednesday Nights @ 6:30-8 PM

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Upcoming EVENTS!
BBQ Fundraiser! April 25

Pick up dinner between 6-7:30pm

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MAY 1st: SERVE DAyOne-Great-Day-white-e1579192297931-2
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Concert @ the Drive- In
May 5th @ 5:30pm Sign Up Here

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